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journey, trip 旅行; tourism 旅游; pleasure trip 游览,漫游; business trip 商务旅行; organized tour 组团旅游; circular tour 环程旅行;package tour, inclusive tour 包办旅行; outward journey 单程旅行; return journey, round trip 往返旅行; holiday 假期; excursion, outing 远足; expedition 远征,探险; hitchhiking, hitching 搭乘; itinerary 旅行指南; itinerary, route 旅行路线; stopover 中途下车暂停; stage 停歇点,中间站; departure at 10 a.m. 上午10时出发; arrival at 12 p.m. 夜12点抵达; stay 停留; return 返回; embarkation, embarcation 乘船,上船;disembarkation 下船; delay 延期;travel agency 旅行社; airline company 航空公司; traveller's cheque 旅行支票; ticket 票; single ticket 单程票; return ticket 往返票,双程票 (美作:round-trip ticket); fare 票价; half (fare), half-price ticket 半票

passage 票,票价; passengers 旅客 ; passport 护照; visa 签证; papers 证件; identity card 身份证; customs 海关; safe-conct, pass 安全通行证; excursionist, tripper, hiker 旅行者

tourist 旅游者; traveller 旅行者,旅游者 (美作:traveler); commercial traveller 旅行推销员 (美作:traveling salesman); stowaway 偷乘者; tourism 旅游; vacation rip假日游 ;honeymoon tour/bridal tour蜜月旅行; overseas tour 境外旅游; one-day sightseeing 一日游; licensed tourist guide 持证导游; guide interpreter导游翻译; student guide实习导游; tourist brochure导游手册; holiday resort 度假胜地; mountain resort避暑山庄; national park 国家公园; ancient architectural complex 古建筑群 ; natural scenery 自然景观; places of cultural and historical interest人文景观 ; tourist attractions /scenic spots 旅游景点; landscape /scenery with mountains andrivers 山水风光 ; famous mountains and great rivers 名山大川; scenic spots and historical sites 名胜古迹; waterfall /cascade 瀑布; hot spring/ the thermal spring 温泉; green hills and clear waters 青山绿水; lush green /luxuriant vegetation绿色葱葱; Hundreds of flowers contend to blossom 百花竞放; emperor's tomb/mausoleum 陵墓; ancient tomb 古墓; grotto 石窟; tower /mansion楼 ; terrace 台; pavilion 亭阁 ; tower /pagoda 塔; corridor 廊 ; stone boat 石肪; causeway堤; cave 洞穴 ; cavern 岩洞; water-eroded cave 溶洞; limestone cave 石灰石洞 ; stalagmite 石笋; stalactite 钟乳石; mid-lake pavilion 湖心亭; waterside pavilion 水榭; lotus pond 莲花池; winding path 曲径; castle 城堡; temple 寺庙; cathedral church 教堂; 天主教大教堂; abbey /monastery 修道院; Buddhist nunnery 尼姑庵; Buddhist sacred land 佛教圣地; palace/hall 宫殿; imperial city 皇城; imperial garden sandal wood fan antique /curio handicraft /artifact御花园 ; unearthed cultural relics 出土文物; inscription on oracle bones 甲骨文; bronze ware 青铜器; ceramics 陶瓷; earthenware /pottery /crockery 陶器; enamel 法琅; clay figurine 泥雕; the Qin terracotta army /the terracotta warriors and horses 兵马俑; folding fan 折扇; sandal wood fan檀香扇 ; antique/curio 古玩; handicraft 手工艺品; wood carving木雕; shell carving 贝雕; sculpture in relief /relief carving浮雕 ; wickerwork 藤条制品; carved lacquer ware 雕漆器; trio-Colored glazed pottery of the TangDynasty 唐三彩; metal and stone seals 金石印章; scroll of calligraphy and painting 字画卷轴 ; traditional Chinese painting 国画; landscape painting 山水画; ink painting水墨画; the four stationery treasures of the Chinese study文房四宝 ; exquisite workmanship 工艺精湛 ; original design/unique pattern 独具匠心; gracefully shaped 造型美观; lifelike /vivid as if alive 姿态逼真; emitting radiant sparkles 光彩夺目; of all hues and postures 千颜万色、多姿多彩; rolling ranges 绵延山峦; landscape of lakes and hills 湖光山色; picturesque 景色如画; inviting views 诱人景色; soothing vista 景色宜人; most gorgeous scene 风光绪丽; rows of perilous peaks exhibiting a great variety of shapes 奇峰罗列; to rise abruptly from the ground 拔地而起; grouped into grotesque and colorful forms 光怪陆离; pleasing to the eye /a feast to the eye 赏心悦目; garden architecture 园林建筑; famous Buddhist mountains 佛教名山; the world's seven wonders 世界七大奇迹; second to none 天下无双; the No. One spring on earth天下第一泉; the most spectacular cave in the world 天下第一奇洞 ; fairyland on earth人间仙境 ; to worship /to pay homage to 顶礼膜拜; with throngs of people milling around人如潮涌; to be unprecedented /to have no parallel in history 空前绝后; traveling in a pictorial world 人在画中游; to hold great attraction 令人流连忘返






1、You had better travel to Helsinki tomorrow.


2、In formationon travel in NewZealand is available atthe hotel.





1、他们乘长途客车去意大利旅游。They went to Italy on a coach tour.

2、应大家要求,这次旅游延长了两周。By popular demand, the tour has been extended by two weeks.

3、旅游业的增长已经使这些岛屿西方化了。The islands have been westernized by the growth of tourism.

4、我们租了一辆四轮驱动车作环岛旅游。We rented a four-wheel drive to get around the island.

5、旅游业是这个地区的主要收入来源。Tourism is a major source of income for the area.

6、这个镇子是在这一地区旅游观光的理想据点。The town is an ideal base for touring the area.


7、他是不是用他旅游的见闻在烦你?Has he been boring you with his stories about his trip?

8、进一步详情可向当地的旅游办事处查询。Further information is available from the local tourist office.

9、犯罪率的上升可能会扼杀旅游业这只产金蛋的鹅。An increase in crime could kill the golden goose of tourism.





【旅行旅游英文】travel、trip、journey、tour 中文意思差别!

旅行、旅游 英文 怎么说?“travel”、“trip”、“journey”、“tour”这四个英文单字中文意思都是「旅行」,可是用法却不尽相同。到底甚么时候该用甚么字?就让Sonia老师来把大家的观念用清楚,以后就知道甚么时候要用甚么字了!

1. Travel 旅行


◎动词: “Sam travel a lot.” 「Sam很常去旅行。」 ◎名词: “Travel has bee easier these days.” 「现在要去旅行变得比较容易了。」 ◎形容词: “I know of a good travel agency.” 「我知道一家不错的旅行社。」

2. Journey 旅程、路程

这个字表示从一地到另一地的「路程」。可以是很长(long journey)或很短(short journey)的路程。

“How was your journey?” 「你的旅途愉快吗?」 “How long is your journey to work every day?” 「你每天去工作的路程多长?」

3. Trip 旅行、旅游


“We went on a trip to Greece.” 「我们去希腊玩。」 “My boss is always on a business trip.” 「我的老板总是在出差。」

4. Tour 旅游


◎名词: “We went on a tour to Spain last year.” 「我们去年去了一趟西班牙。」 ◎动词: “I toured to Europe with my friends.” 「我和我的朋友们去了欧洲。」

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“去旅游”这个说法在英语中可以用多种方式表达,可以是短语形式的go on a trip,go on a travel,have a journey,也可以使用单个动词,比如trip,travel,journey,tour等等。


Did you have a good trip? 你们旅行愉快吗?

How did you like your travel to London? 你认为你们到伦敦的旅行怎么样?

During my last trip to Bath, I met an interesting woman. 在我去巴斯的旅途中,我遇到一位有趣的女士。

The old man travelled to many remote countries. 那个老人旅行去过很多遥远的国度。

They made a plan for journeying overland across North America. 他们做了计划,要横穿北美洲。

They are touring in India. 他们正在印度游历。


travel, journey, trip, tour, voyage



trip 指短距离的旅行,常回到原出发地,不强调旅行的方式或目的


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